What Is a Clean Room? Classification of Clean Rooms

Clean Room is defined as the level of air cleanliness for human activity space. Its function is to control the pollution of particles.

In order to achieve the required level of cleanliness, effective control of particulate pollution, so that people engaged in sophisticated production and scientific experimental activities, clean room is not limited to "clean", but must be a hot and cold, noise, Static, micro-vibration has a considerable demand for multi-functional complex, is set construction decoration, air-conditioning purification, water pure gas, electrical control, and other expertise in one product.

Classification of clean rooms

First, according to the purpose of classification

By use can be divided into two categories:

(1) industrial clean room - with inanimate particles as the control object. The main control of non-living particles on the work of the object of pollution, the internal pressure is generally maintained. It is suitable for precision industry, electronics industry, aerospace industry, atomic energy industry, printing industry, photographic industry and other departments.

(2) biological clean room - a living particles for the control of objects, can be divided into:

1) general biological clean room. The main control of living particles on the work of the object of pollution. While the internal material to withstand the erosion of a variety of sterilants, the internal pressure is generally maintained. Can be used for the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, medical facilities, laboratory facilities.

2) biological safety clean room. The main control of the object of life particles on the outside world and human pollution, the need to maintain negative pressure. For experimental facilities, biological engineering, medical facilities.

Second, according to air flow classification

According to air flow can be divided into four categories:

(1) unidirectional flow clean room

(2) non-unidirectional flow clean room (turbulent clean room)

(3) vector angle flow clean room

(4) mixed flow clean room (local unidirectional flow clean room)