Wujiang Guangzheng Purifying Technology Co., Ltd.

Our company has rich experience in overseas projects, We had the project , such as Algeria hospital clean room, Brazil workshop clean room, Australia milk powder clean room.

Our company has a professional after-sales service team, with independent client company, overseas sales manager, technical worker .

Our company has as much as 80% of high-quality professional talents, guaranteed to give you satisfactory service quality.

Guangzheng clean room company has across the prime minister, our products are exported to Britain, the United States and other western countries.

Boss good idea, is not simply to make money for the purpose intended by 3--5 years do make the brand reputation. Pay attention to quality,corporate growth is good.

New flexible adjustment of product , according to market demand , at any time to develop the new mold . It has the potential in the market is likely to become the dark horse .

The company organized the exhibition to support dealer development at home and abroad, while the Indian subsidiary has been under preparation.

To formalize development company , after years of preparation on the quality system certification , but also make foreign certification , while products to European markets.

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